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Nova Era’s Music Merges The Past And The Present

Many people think that classical music is boring or too high-brow to appeal to them. However, walking into a room and seeing Nova Era in full 18th-century French attire is enough to change anyone’s mind. Once the music begins you realize that classical music has been brought into the 21st century. Nova Era’s music takes the foundations of classical music and dresses them up in bits and pieces of contemporary pop music. The result is an experience that will remain with your event’s attendees’ memories.

A New Style of Music

Nova Era’s ability to bring together two very different genres of music has created a new style of music that has a broad appeal. The classical music showcased are compositions most of us know even if we don’t realize it. A lot of classical music has made its way into pop culture through advertising, movie soundtracks and environmental music that is heard in public spaces. Public spaces are also where pop music is frequently heard.

Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel once said, “The challenge is not so much to change the sound. The challenge is to connect and to create something special.” He could have been referring to Nova Era…as their sound is truly something special and audiences definitely connect with it!

In fact, Nova Era’s versatile music engages a broad range of audiences. They have performed around the world including an exceptional show at Versailles, the palace of King Louis 14th. They also perform frequently at Disney Springs, a venue quite unlike, though as popular, as Versailles.

Nova Era will bring a special and unique kind of music to your event whether it is a corporate event, fundraiser or conference function. Innovative Entertainment has an expert entertainment team and an unbeatable talent roster that’s ready to make your next event memorable. Click here to connect with and book unforgettable performance groups like Nova Era – let’s get started!

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