Innovative Entertainment Supports Global Meeting Industry Day 2019

Face-to-face interactions are where progress is made– it builds relationships, ideas are generated, and deals are struck. Meetings, conferences and special events are the catalyst for how face-to-face business is done today –  and that’s why Innovative Entertainment is a sponsor and supporter of the 2019 Global Meeting Industry Day event in Northern California! What Is Global Meeting Industry Day? Global […]

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Inspirational Ted Talks That Will Leave You Feeling Motivated

There are times in everyone’s life when feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless can set in. During these moments, it’s nice to know that there are other people who have felt the same way, been through the same things, and were motivated to overcome and rise above their hardships. The non-profit organization, TED, has featured many speakers over the years that […]

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20 Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Happy and Healthy

As the holiday season approaches, your calendar becomes full and the demands are high – most likely, like stress level. As an event professional, you usually make it through the season in a daze and pull off memorable events for your clients. At least a third of your itinerary involves meeting after meeting, but you buckle down and […]

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TED Talks To Help You Stop Procrastination Now

Procrastination lurks in all of our lives. How many times have you put off doing something that needed to be done, whether it’s school work, cleaning the house, or writing that novel you’ve had planned in your head for years? Not to mention scrambling around to finish things right before the deadline? If you’re finally […]

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Top Tips for Professional Travel

Traveling for work often introduces an added element of stress that leads many event and meeting professionals to dread airports and rental car agencies. There’s the hassle of packing for planned outings as well as the unknown, concern for making a positive impression in unfamiliar surroundings and maintaining personal care. These hassles lead many to shy […]

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Never Stop Learning In Your Industry Through Educational Conferences

Educational conferences are one of the best ways for meeting and event professionals to engage with one another. Learning industry standards from proven professionals can greatly impact your company’s ability to grow. Additionally, learning what your audience wants to see, versus what you’re actually producing, can help you reassess strategies for your company’s growth. What Educational Conferences Offer You […]

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4 Confidence-Boosting TED Talks To Help You Succeed

No matter what profession you’re in or what professional and personal goals you’re chasing, self-confidence is critical to long-term success. It’s also an attribute that is displayed by the best employees, managers and CEOs. Give your confidence a boost right now by investing a little time in four related TED Talk speakers. Keep in mind […]

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Ways to Boost Attendance For Medical Meetings

At one time or another, every medical meeting planner has feared empty chairs at their event. We’re sharing five tips you can use to boost attendance and ensure those seats are filled. Get Input When planning your meeting or event, think about your audience and their wants and needs. It can be helpful to review past survey data […]

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The Top Three Ted Talks for Work-Life Balance

It can be a real challenge to balance your work and home life. At times, it seems that both pull on you, and in opposite directions. It can be even harder for those that work out of a home office since the lines can get blurred. This is one area that many of us can […]

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With over 25 years in the corporate event industry, Peggy Jewell is a huge asset to our team. She is a San Diego native and believes that no event is too small or too big.  She deems herself an Entertainment Match Maker and puts equal value on the client and the artist. There is never a […]

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