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4 Confidence-Boosting TED Talks To Help You Succeed

No matter what profession you’re in or what professional and personal goals you’re chasing, self-confidence is critical to long-term success. It’s also an attribute that is displayed by the best employees, managers and CEOs. Give your confidence a boost right now by investing a little time in four related TED Talk speakers. Keep in mind that Innovative Entertainment’s speakers division can help you book these personalities or similar presenters to benefit your professional team or just a group of your favorite people on the quest for success.

A Pro Wrestler’s Guide to Confidence – Mike Kinney

Pro wrestler Mike Kinney steps out of the ring and onto the stage to give the world a powerful message about the importance of just being yourself. From a heartbreaking personal story to LOL-worthy punchlines and a unique take on what it means to act and feel confident, this is one TED Talk that will make you laugh hard and think even harder.

Know Your Worth and Then Ask for It – Casey Brown

A professional consultant uncovers why so many people undervalue themselves in the professional world. In less than 10 minutes, she may convince you to identify and communicate your full value with confidence. It’s about receiving what you’re worth rather than what someone thinks you’re worth.

Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are – Amy Cuddy

The way you’re sitting or standing right now is telling other people something about you. It’s also sending a powerful message to your own sense of self. In this interesting TED Talk, a social psychologist explores the way body language influences our confidence levels and our sense of power in the world. Can your body posture shape your mind? Listen to find out what her research revealed.

How to Speak Up for Yourself – Adam Galinsky

A dynamic social psychologist delivers effective tools for speaking up confidently and getting what you want in any situation. Even if you don’t think negotiating power is on your side, there are ways to approach the situation so that your confidence leads to success

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