The Power of Keynote Speakers: How Innovative Entertainment Elevates Event Content

In the dynamic world of corporate events, one element has consistently proven its worth in elevating event content and leaving a lasting impact on attendees: keynote speakers.  Many events have several speakers, but your keynote is your rockstar speaker, the headliner of speaking parts at the event.  These influential individuals possess the unique ability to […]

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Activating The Leader In All of Us With Shane Feldman

Business is built on relationships. But it has become increasingly difficult to cultivate those relationships in our increasingly disconnected world. Businesses are finding it harder and harder to retain customers and talent. If these ideas speak to you, then Shane Feldman is the perfect fit for a keynote speaker at your next corporate event. With […]

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3 TED Talks That Are A Parenting Must See

Talk to any parent and you’ll hear the same thing, parenting is hard and everywhere you turn it seems like there are differing opinions about the best way to raise a child. Most worry about making the right decisions and the long-term effects of those decisions on their children. These 3 TED Talks are a great listen for […]

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20 Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Happy and Healthy

As the holiday season approaches, your calendar becomes full and the demands are high – most likely, like stress level. As an event professional, you usually make it through the season in a daze and pull off memorable events for your clients. At least a third of your itinerary involves meeting after meeting, but you buckle down and […]

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Never Stop Learning In Your Industry Through Educational Conferences

Educational conferences are one of the best ways for meeting and event professionals to engage with one another. Learning industry standards from proven professionals can greatly impact your company’s ability to grow. Additionally, learning what your audience wants to see, versus what you’re actually producing, can help you reassess strategies for your company’s growth. What Educational Conferences Offer You […]

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SEMICON West 2018 Comes To The Moscone Center – Beyond Smart

SEMICON WEST 2018 from SEMI on Vimeo. On July 11-13, 2018, the Moscone Center in San Francisco is going to fill up with some of the greatest thinkers, entrepreneurs, and analysts from across the entire spectrum of the microelectronics supply chain. The SEMICON West conference will offer the opportunity to network with colleagues in the […]

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Leadership & Innovation Thought Leader  Regarded as one of the world’s top leadership speakers, Robert Swan is the first man in history to lead a team to walk to both the North and South Poles. Fresh off his latest South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC), he and son, Barney, embarked on his second expedition to the […]

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Meet Comedian & Motivational Speaker Greg Schwem

When you hear the phrase “corporate America,” you probably don’t think of “entertaining” or “funny,” but that just means you haven’t yet met Greg Schwem. Greg’s take on the corporate world will have you doubled over with laughter as his sharp wit explores the edges of the familiar world so many of us find ourselves […]

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EventProfs: Six Simple Tips for Getting Stuff Done

Hey #eventprofs you can probably relate: in our line of work, it is super easy to have a ton of projects going all at once. But, to be honest, it is hard to know how to handle them all. It doesn’t take much to get overwhelmed and wondering just what we got ourselves into. However, […]

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Speaker Highlight: Pandit Dasa on Mindful Leadership

Pandit Dasa is going to ask you to put your phone away. Don’t worry. When you pick it back up you’ll have the tools that will render stressful activities, less so. Honorific Mahatma Ghandi was quoted as saying, “Be the change you wish to see in this world”. Pandit Dasa has done just that.  With […]

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