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EventProfs: Six Simple Tips for Getting Stuff Done

Hey #eventprofs you can probably relate: in our line of work, it is super easy to have a ton of projects going all at once. But, to be honest, it is hard to know how to handle them all. It doesn’t take much to get overwhelmed and wondering just what we got ourselves into. However, this sense of panic doesn’t have to happen. While each person works differently, we would like to share a few of our creative tips that just might help you keep going.

  1. Do what you enjoy doing first. This seems counterintuitive. We somehow feel that it is better to torture ourselves by struggling through those projects we abhor first. Then, we tell ourselves, we can get to the fun stuff. But by the time we actually get there, we are exhausted and uninspired. We will end up feeling far more motivated to complete the things we do not enjoy as much when we have already successfully completed the projects we do enjoy.
  2. If you are on a roll, stay on a roll. If your self-made schedule says it is time to stop doing and start doing y, it doesn’t mean you have to listen. If you are really on a roll with project x, don’t stop! You can work on project later. And honestly, it will probably go better and quicker, because you won’t be thinking about what you wish you could be getting done on project x. 
  3. Listen to epic music. If there is a project that we really don’t like doing, we often get caught in the trap of wallowing in our distaste for it. But instead, we should try to make it fun. Find some music that pumps you up – we recommend listening to movie soundtracks. The music will motivate you and eventually make you look forward to working on the project. Bingo!
  4. Keep a one-track mind. If you’re working on a project, keep your mind focused on that and that alone. Don’t ever start worrying about what is coming next! Sometimes it helps us feel productive if we are trying to work on three or four different things in the same time space, but our minds are really deceiving us. You will end up being much more profitable if you don’t try to multitask.
  5. Don’t procrastinate. This is huge. If you keep pushing a project until tomorrow, eventually you are going to run out of tomorrows. So, while it is good take breaks and keep rested, don’t use that as an excuse to push aside a project you really should do today. You’ll feel much better once you have actually accomplished your goal and can move on.
  6. Ask for help. We know. No one likes to admit that they can’t do it on their own. But let’s face it: sometimes we just can’t. Or maybe we technically could do it alone, but it would take twice as long and make us feel twice as stressed. While it might seem like admitting you can’t do something, asking for help is a trait of some of the most productive people. Go ahead and take the plunge. You’re not going to regret it!

While these tips may not be standard, they make a huge difference in productivity. So what are you waiting for? Go get started on those tasks! Good luck! Don’t forget to come back to our blog often to read all of our fun lifestyle tip as well as our latest on corporate speakers and entertainment.

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