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Magic, Mentalism & Messaging: What Rick Smith Jr. Brings to Your Event

Magician. Illusionist. Entertainer. Guinness World Record Holder. These words encompass Cleveland performer, Rick Smith Jr. He has amazed audiences during corporate and private performances, as well as on national television, with his card throwing tricks and mentalism routines.

Smith’s love of magic and performing started at an early age. While his peers were playing little league, he was building his portfolio of magic tricks and illusions. By high school, Rick was promoting himself and his magic through posters and business cards and was being booked regularly for birthday parties and family gatherings. Post high school, Rick attended Cleveland State University to study marketing and play baseball. It was during this time he found his uncanny ability to throw playing cards, which would eventually earn him multiple Guinness World Records including those for throwing a playing card the farthest, highest, and most accurately.

Available to perform at most any event, Rick’s marketing degree makes him particularly well suited for corporate entertainment. Through meeting with clients to understanding their messaging and event purpose, he is able to blend marketing and corporate messaging into his tricks and illusions. This allows him to create a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved. Smith’s show includes a blend of card throwing, close up magic, sleight of hand, and stage shows with unbelievable feats of mentalism. He also specializes in grand illusions including appearances, disappearances, levitations, cutting his assistants in half, and metamorphosis.

Though Rick Smith Jr’s home base is in Cleveland, Ohio he travels nationally performing hundreds of shows for corporate and private clients alike. Rick blends humor and original magic into his one of a kind stage show. If you are looking for a unique and captivating entertainer for your next corporate or private function, consider booking Rick Smith Jr. through Innovative Entertainment – click here to inquire.