Rick Smith Jr. card thrower

What Intrigues Audiences in Corporate Illusion Performances

How good is an illusion performance if it tells a story? It is like a bud unfolding into a flower, right?! Every action lays the foundation for the next, dazzling the audience, and engaging them to wonder. It is meant to entice, and stun, leaving little else to surprise the audience. “Nothing is as it […]

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Magic, Mentalism & Messaging: What Rick Smith Jr. Brings to Your Event

Magician. Illusionist. Entertainer. Guinness World Record Holder. These words encompass Cleveland performer, Rick Smith Jr. He has amazed audiences during corporate and private performances, as well as on national television, with his card throwing tricks and mentalism routines. Smith’s love of magic and performing started at an early age. While his peers were playing little […]

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