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Reasons to Book Sekou Andrews for Corporate Events

When it comes to captivating an audience, merging inspiration with information, and transforming events into unforgettable experiences, one artists stands out—Sekou Andrews. As a Grammy-nominated artist and a pioneer in the world of “Poetic Voice” speaking, Sekou has spent over two decades reshaping the landscape of corporate events. The mere mention of his name conjures thoughts of innovation, creativity, and a dynamic approach to delivering powerful messages. Forbes Magazine has rightfully dubbed him “the de facto poet laureate of corporate America,” and his track record speaks volumes. From Google to Nike, TEDx to the NBA, Sekou Andrews has taken center stage at some of the world’s most influential gatherings. In this spotlight blog, we’ll delve into the artistry, impact, and undeniable ROI of booking Sekou Andrews for your corporate event. 

Why Book Sekou?

  • Became the first spoken word poet in over 30 years to receive the GRAMMY nomination for Best Spoken Word Album
  • Delivers complicated business messages through inspiring keynotes that fuse performance and content
  • Helps leaders embrace creative, innovative, and disruptive thinking and behavior
  • Helps organizations humanize business to connect more deeply with customers and employees
  • Routinely inspires cheers, tears and standing ovations from even the most reserved corporate audiences
  • Leaves audiences seen, celebrated, challenged and educated in ways that create company culture shifts

What is the Sekou ROI?

Every artist has an ROI. What is the Sekou ROI? Watch client testimonies below to see.

Ready to elevate your corporate event and inspire your audience with Sekou Andrews’ poetic voice? Contact Innovative Entertainment today and let us help you unlock the extraordinary.