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The Beauty of Acoustic Music: Pure Enchantment

Acoustic music is typically music that is produced, primarily, through acoustic means. This kind of music is rarely produced using electronic sounds, equipment or electronic amplification. The instruments that are most often played are acoustic guitars, acoustic basses, percussionists, and, on some occasions, dulcimers.

There is an incredible TED Talk about acoustic music, showcasing the Showhawk Duo. They tell you a bit about their story, which is pretty simple and straightforward: they both loved playing guitar and loved music, and then they decided they wanted to play their guitars together. The heart of this talk however is their performance, and the melodies are quite enchanting. Their acoustic sounds are created simply by both of them playing their acoustic guitars in creative and innovative ways – we love that!

This duo started out busking and now they tour the country. Their TED Talk cover songs range from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to Tiesto’s Adagio for Strings. This is a must-see performance:

UNPLUGGED is an incredibly talented acoustic band that we’re pleased to have on the Innovative Entertainment exclusive artist roster. An acoustic quartet, consisting of two guitarists, one bassist, and one percussionist – audiences love their innovative sounds.

Unplugged covers many popular artists, from Bruno Mars to the Dave Matthews Band. They are original in their approach – standing apart from almost every other west coast acoustic band. Their music is somehow timeless, classic, and avant-garde simultaneously as you’ll see in this video of some of their work:

For event and meeting producers looking to break out of the ordinary consider adding Unplugged to your event for a unique and memorable attendee experience. Click here and connect with our expert entertainment team to learn more about Unplugged or our extended roster of artists and speakers!



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