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The Dynamic Dance of Rasa Vitalia

Loosely translated from the Sanskrit, “Rasa” means the essence of dance. Rasa Vitalia embodies that. Vitalia is a talented belly dancer whose performance would liven up any event or celebration.

Belly Dance is an art form that is over 6,000 years old. The story of this dance form is old and has gone from a humble village experience to a worldwide phenomenon. Originally it was a dance that women performed together for themselves. Life was more nomadic then and the dance started its trek across the world.

As it traveled it transformed. In some parts of the world, belly dancing remained a private, community dance. In other parts of the world, it was performed on the streets as public entertainment. The type of belly dance that typically comes to mind is an offshoot that emerged in Cairo in the 1920s. This is when belly dancing took the stage to be performed for a new audience, Europeans who viewed it as entertainment separate from a part of the culture. It has then continued to evolve to what we know it to be today.

This dance form has always been flavored by the areas and eras it was in and IE performer Rasa Vitalia fully embraces this. In addition to belly dance, Vitalia incorporates elements from and can perform, dance styles such as Samba, Bollywood-style and Hip-Hop.

Rasa Vitalia is a versatile performer who can sing, dance and give classes in dance. Having her perform at your next event is sure to make it a memorable one. Innovation Entertainment is happy to help you book Vitalia for your next event – click here to connect with us to find out how!

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