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“Here Come The Mummies” For Your Next Event

As Halloween approaches, ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are making their creepy appearance. Here Come The Mummies too! No, not just decorations, but also the ‘killer’ band that has some of the best live performances.

Here Come The Mummies is a fun, eight piece ‘funk’ band that is perfect for Halloween related events. Or, if you just like creepy entertainment, this band can be at any event year-round! They have performed at the Super Bowl Village, festivals like Summer Camp, and more. Their song Dirty Minds has even been on popular shows like Scrubs and Big Shots.

Part of the fun with this musical group comes from the fact that their true identities are kept secret. That’s right, their covert mummy names are Mummy Cass, Eddie Mummy, K.W. TuT, Spaz, The Pole!, Midnight, The Flu, B.B. Queen, and Ra. It’s been speculated that members of the group are actually Grammy Award winners, but no one really knows. However, based on their chillingly good performances, we believe that could be completely true!

The mystery of their identities and how they came to be enchanting mummies makes this show unique and a one-of-a-kind. The thrilling characters and imaginative shows make for the best kind of entertainment for any event. This mystical group is not just perfect for this time of year because their music is not about ghosts, witches, and black cats. They have a variety of different genre songs and their terrifying performance add the perfect amount of fun, entertainment, and outlandish excitement to all types of events, and event themes.

Innovative Entertainment is happy to promote this whimsical group – we know just how enjoyable each and every show is for an audience. Events that have featured Here Come The Mummies were thrilling to attend for more than one reason. If you’d like more information about Here Comes The Mummies connect with us. We’d love to help make your next event a spooktacular celebration!