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New Music Monday Spotlight: Billie Eilish

New singers and artists continually pop up on the music scene – many adding a unique feel to the music that people are listening to. We find that incorporating these new artists into the entertainment for events and meetings can often be win-win for our clients. New music often makes for the best kind of entertainment, keeping an event fresh and in tune with what is up and coming. Proudly, Innovative Entertainment is on-trend with many new artist around the globe. We aim to keep our thumb on the pulse of the up and comers and the new music that’s ideal for the live events industry.

Singer and songwriter, Billie Eilish, is one of these excellent artists with a promising future. Named by Vevo as a ‘2018 Artist To Watch,’  this young singer/songwriter brings to her performance a creepy-cool vibe with haunting lyrics and harmonies. Her style of music makes her an ideal artist that we think you’ll want to get to know in October. You only need watch her hit video You Should See Me In A Crown to get into an eerie Halloween mood.

Practice and a singing career began at a young age for Billie. At just 8 years old she sang with the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus. Not long after, Billie began writing original songs at the age of 11 – she even has a song on the soundtrack for the Netflix drama, 13 Reasons Why. Now at the tender age of 16, Billie is on new music’s radar as an up and coming singer who has gained much popularity. Many of her shows have sold out and her performances are desired by fans around the world from many generations.

During the 2018 international festival season Billie found herself in the spotlight as the ‘it’ female performer. Listening to Billie’s music you can hear inspiration from many different artists ranging from indie-pop artists like Lana Del Rey to rappers like Tyler the Creator. Billie herself does not define her own music by a specific genre – rather, she has her own special style. During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar it was noted that “Eilish is not your cookie-cutter pop star.” Many of our favorite interviews with Billie can be viewed on video. Vevo’s Vice President of Original Content & Production, Ed Walker, once shared with Billboard that, “Billie was a truly open book, her honestly and transparency shines through…” Just visit the Billie Eilish YouTube channel, with almost 3 million subscribers, and you’ll be intrigued enough to be drawn in to watch many of Billie’s video interviews.

With lyrics like “I wanna steal your soul / And hide you in my treasure chest,” you can’t help but get the chills listening to Billie’s music. Her musical vibe is not just cool during Halloween season though. On this New Music Monday, take some time to get familiar with the career evolution and unapologetic performer that Billie Eilish aspires to be.

Sold out audiences are looking forward to seeing Billie Eillish perform live in both Oakland and Sacramento, California later this month. All of her global tour dates can be found here. If you’re interested in new music performers and artist opportunities that can take your event to next level entertainment connect with Innovative Entertainment. Innovative isn’t just part of our name…it’s what we do in the industry that we have 30+ years of experience in!

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