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90’s Music & Bands Are Making A Comeback In Event Entertainment

Welcome to 2019, where more and more event producers are demanding popular 90’s music for their events! At Innovative Entertainment, we’re seeing that a variety of different 90’s music, including grunge, hip-hop and even ” I Love the 90s” bands, are making a comeback. Have you heard of VaporWave (or MallWave)? Even this 90’s “elevator music” has become quite popular again. As 90’s bands and their music make a comeback, it adds more options for event entertainment options. And SCORE…we’re lovin’ it!

Club 90 is another excellent, high-energy band that performs for a variety of events across the U.S. They’re repertoire includes 1960s-style music to Top 40 dance tunes. Some of their favorite artists include Whitney Houston, the Black Eyed Peas, and everything in between. If you’re looking for 90s-style music to add to your event, then Club 90 is your band! Based on the size of the event, they have performer groups to accommodate. Whether you’re looking for a drummer, bassist, guitarist, singer, or combination thereof, this band brings it.

These bands are just three of the top 1990s acts that Innovative Entertainment loves working with for event entertainment across North America and beyond. Need assistance booking your next band? We’d love to help! Click here to connect and get creative with our innovative team. Not only will your event’s entertainment go down without a hitch, but you’ll have hosted the most rockin’ event (literally)!