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UNEXPECTED: A Fresh Approach to Event Openers

Far too often, a speaker gets up for the opening session of a conference, pumped and ready to go, only to face a sea of bored, exhausted faces. The audience members know they must be there, but they aren’t into what is going on, and they would rather be spending their time elsewhere. The little bit of energy in the room quick fades, and the meeting becomes just as boring as they expected.

At Innovative Entertainment, we know the struggle all too well, and we have solutions! Why not get your attendees excited right from the get-go with creative live entertainment? Why not knock their socks off with a unique show that will make this year’s conference an event to remember? Let our creative team help you design a completely original presentation to wow your guests in your opening general session. We’re equipped to provide talent for every entertainment niche imaginable – from choreography, to custom music, to design of all descriptions. Start your event with a bang, and watch energy levels soar throughout the entire week.

These are just a few of the amazing artists that we can bring to your conference stage:






Problem solved! Never again do you have to feel your excitement drained by a tired, uninterested audience. Our team excels at designing fresh forms of entertainment that will spark the imagination and give energy to the opening session of whatever event you may have planned. When Innovative Entertainment has your back, the sky is the limit!

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