dueling DJs

Our Favorite Request Acts: Dueling DJs and All Request Live

We take great pride in being on-trend and at the cutting-edge for providing talent for special events. Newly trending for events is entertainment ‘by request.’ A fun and interactive option for event entertainment – here are two of our favorite ‘by request’ acts that will make your event an engaging event to remember! All Request Live All Request Live has […]

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UNEXPECTED: A Fresh Approach to Event Openers

Far too often, a speaker gets up for the opening session of a conference, pumped and ready to go, only to face a sea of bored, exhausted faces. The audience members know they must be there, but they aren’t into what is going on, and they would rather be spending their time elsewhere. The little bit […]

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Our Top 4 favorite Piano Bars in America

Piano bars rose to relevance in the late 1800’s alongside Ragtime music, a style which featured pianos heavily and encouraged a playful and spontaneous style. This style created a space for musicians to “duel” using their creativity with the instrument. Club owners were able to use this creativity to give their bars a fun feeling and […]

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