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Art Inspiring Art II: Music Murals Across The Country For An Incredible Instagram Selfie

Inspired by Instagram’s Musical Murals

We’re living in a time where the ‘art of the selfie’ has taken over not just our social media timelines, but our lives. This couldn’t more true than when we click onto Instagram. This social media platform could be called ‘selfie central,’ as people take selfies with any interesting background they happen to come across. Our favorite of course, is the musical street mural. In Part II of our murals blog we’re sharing a more of our wall art favorites:

The Omega Music Shop Mural

The Omega Music Shop mural pays homage to a couple of musical greats on the side of a Dayton, Ohio retail building. At 318 East 5th Street, artwork honors jazz legend Miles Davis and rock king Jimi Hendrix. Both legends are captured in a black and white larger-than-life painting. And if you walk around to the back of the building you’ll find a bonus piece of inspirational art tucked away that many people don’t know is there! 

Immortalizing Bob Dylan

Minnesota’s street art celebrates mainstream artists such as Prince and The Replacements while also inspiring hip-hop and graffiti art. The mural that immortalizes Bob Dylan makes it’s home at the intersection of Fifth Street and Hennepin Avenue. This artwork, created by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, features three photo-realistic images of Dylan; one as a young man early in his career, a second from years later, and finally a third more current image of the singer wearing his trademark hat. The work is titled.’The Times They Are A-Changin.’ How fun that this artistic statement covers the wall of a Burrito Loco restaurant.

Make Music, Not War

The powerful message of ‘make love, not war’ reminds us how a love for something brings everyone together rather than dividing or tearing us apart. Nashville is a city filled with murals, and the ‘Make Music, Not War‘ mural is a crowd favorite. In a world that often feels as though it is dominated by hate and violence there is a powerful message to be had in this piece of street art that music is still a universal language and can always bring us together.

Visiting the ’27 Club’ in New York City

Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra’s newest mural titled the ’27 Club’ can be found on the the Lower East Side of New York City. It includes musical heroes who have died at a seemingly-common age (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse, and others). You’ll find easy access for photo-taking to this inspiring mural at Rivington and Forsyth Streets.

The Collection of 12 

A set of 12 murals, all featuring musical heroes has come to life painted by different people in the Tempe Marketplace in Arizona. Some of the musicians honored include David Bowie, Bob Marley, and Aretha Franklin to name a few. The idea for making this a community art piece is that musicians touch everyone’s life and are relatable in some way. Enjoy this video shared by Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance telling this mural’s story.

These five favorite street murals make amazing backdrops for selfies, but more importantly are a wonderful way for people around the world to remember these musical talents through the work of visual artists. At Innovative Entertainment we bring expert entertainment services and talents to our client’s corporate, social and non-profit events. We provide musical and speaker talent for events across the United States and worldwide. Connect with us and let’s talk about legendary musicians and talent for your next event.