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What Intrigues Audiences in Corporate Illusion Performances

How good is an illusion performance if it tells a story? It is like a bud unfolding into a flower, right?! Every action lays the foundation for the next, dazzling the audience, and engaging them to wonder. It is meant to entice, and stun, leaving little else to surprise the audience.

“Nothing is as it Seems.”

But don’t let it fool you! Hard work goes into every act, and in this industry, an illusion is only as good as the illusionist. The trick to wow your guests lies in an act so sublime they have to question the execution! Illusionist and Card Throwing Trick Shot Artist Rick Smith Jr. traverses this line of wonder, delivering an edge of the seat experience for your event guests!

Life of the Party Entertainment

Giving polished performances for corporate and conference events call for extreme skill. In every instance, Rick Smith Jr. aspires to leave a unique magical feeling to his audience. That is easy to say, but doing it is another thing. As a seasoned magician, illusionist, and entertainer, Rick Smith Jr. gives one-of-a-kind interactive execution.

His acts are not limited to private events only, also spanning through conference openers, corporate receptions, fundraisers, and other company celebratory occasions. His tailored shows mystify and engage audiences across all generations.

Rick blends illusion and card throwing with humorous dialogue, combining it with a range of table, parlor, and up-close tricks. Larger, top-of-the-line illusions are reinforced by sound and lighting for the ultimate performance effects.

Your Event Objectives Guide the Theme

Rarely do you find an illusionist with a marketing degree! By fusing illusion and marketing skills, Rick is among a select few entertainers that can intricately pull a marketing rabbit out of the hat! A typical part of the entertainer’s strategy is to know his corporate audience, and in so doing, he builds up the company or conference’s messaging and positioning.

Rick Smith Jr. delivers performances that play to the crowd and invigorate corporate culture. Connect with Innovative Entertainment to get Rick Smith Jr. locked in for your event!

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