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Entertain With the ShowBots!

Remember when you’d hire a person for your event to mingle and promote your brand, answer questions, or keep the masses entertained before the event began? Well, bring in the ShowBots! Offering the latest technology with a human touch, our exciting robot characters add a new dimension to any event or production.


Their dynamic image, endearing character and spontaneous humor mean that as well as interacting with guests as a walkabout act, they also have a commanding presence that is just as impactful on stage as it is on the event conference or trade show floor. Visitors can interact with the roaming Showbot – having their questions answered in a fun and futuristic way. Additionally, logos and videos can be displayed on the Showbot’s screen situated on its chest.


The Showbots add not only a futuristic edge to events, but they also endear themselves to the guests. Dancing, singing, witty humor and the perfect comedic timed “stand up” are all part of the robot’s skill set. Interactive entertainment becomes personal and allows more engagement with the roaming character. From ballroom to hip hop, our Showbots are trained or “programmed” in many forms of dance and really know how to move.


The Showbots have a warm yet feisty character and wicked sense of humor, something which many roaming robot acts lack. This allows them to deliver a clear and concise message that ensures audiences are left with an in-depth knowledge of your product, company and brand. This powerful combination can forge long-lasting relationships with potential clients and ensures that guests are left with lasting memories of the event and ultimately, the client’s brand. Your brand’s message is delivered with innovative flair and personality!


Instead of being positioned in one spot to draw a crowd or entertain, the Showbots roam throughout an event or on stage – almost any terrain is accessible. Locations like theme parks, concert halls, and on stage with other artists, the Showbots have shown they have a voice and a sense of humor…and they’re not afraid to share it!

If you are hosting a conference or corporate event, we encourage you to consider the addition of the ShowBots to entertain your guests! Whether your entertainer needs are for promotion or entertainment, Innovative Entertainment is the best at assisting in planning and booking unique acts for events around the world. Click here to connect with our team (no robots!) about taking your event to the next level!

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