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TED Talks That Will Get Your Day Going!

Feeling the mid-week weight of the world this morning? We’ve got the perfect perk to get your day going – three of our favorite motivational TED Talks! Enjoy on your commute into the office this morning, or on a break during the day. Listen up and get moving!

Brene Brown: Vulnerability

This video is an absolute favorite. A large part of success comes with effectively having and using empathy. However, on some days, it seems just too hard to be empathetic. Life can simply be too hard and emotionally draining. Watching this video will help you to refocus a bit and remind yourself of the power in embracing your vulnerability. And if you enjoy this video, we suggest watching more of Brene Brown‘s video…she’s an excellent speaker, storyteller and educator!

Rives: The Museum of Four in the Morning

In this TED session, Rives talks about his unexpected obsession with finding out the importance of the four o’clock time in the morning. He and others collect a large collection at the end until he finally finds the answer on his own. We don’t want to give anything away, but try and think of things in your everyday life that bring back memories of the past. It’s a great exercise and helps to keep you interested in life around you. You may even find yourself looking at the same building you pass every day, suddenly to realize that there’s something about it strikingly familiar. Don’t let go of that curiosity! Instead, chase it and explore the possibilities it brings with it.

Simon Anholt: Who would the rest of the world vote for in your country’s election?

We’ve included this video for the simple fact it’s a good one for getting your mind churning about global issues in a interesting way. It’s important to remember that there are other complex cultures out there that may do things drastically different than the culture you’re immersed in. Taking moments to review your life and consider there’s more to the world can be quite a powerful way to wake up to the world!

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