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Ted Talks That Have Great Insight Into Jazz Music

Jazz music is varied and can be complex, but Ted Talks are a great way to learn more about the genre. Increase your knowledge and further your appreciation of jazz by watching four of our favorite talks: There are No Mistakes on the Bandstand: Stefon Harris – Jazz Vibraphonist In this 13-minute talk, vibraphonist Stefon Harris discusses how “every mistake […]

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TED Talks That Will Get Your Day Going!

Feeling the mid-week weight of the world this morning? We’ve got the perfect perk to get your day going – three of our favorite motivational TED Talks! Enjoy on your commute into the office this morning, or on a break during the day. Listen up and get moving! Brene Brown: Vulnerability This video is an […]

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TED Talks That Will Make You Squirm

TED Talks are known to be inspirational, thoughtful, and always intellectual. Now that October is upon us, the winds of fall remind us that Halloween will put the exclamation point on the end of this month. TED Talks have developed over the years and there seems to be no end to what TED speakers can […]

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