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TED Talks That Will Make You Squirm

TED Talks are known to be inspirational, thoughtful, and always intellectual. Now that October is upon us, the winds of fall remind us that Halloween will put the exclamation point on the end of this month. TED Talks have developed over the years and there seems to be no end to what TED speakers can enlighten and entice our imaginations to explore. In honor of the spooky and even the creepy-crawly, below are some TED Talks that are designed to make you uncomfortable, squirmy and perhaps make you a bit afraid. Watch these with the lights on!

Anne Madden – Microscopic Life

Microbiologist Anne Madden did her TED Talk on the topic of microscopic life living right on your face! The talk is titled “Meet the microscopic life in your home – and on your face,” and it is guaranteed to make you a little uncomfortable!  She starts off right away talking about what you’re actually touching when you touch your face. There’s more than just uncomfortable feelings though as she continues to talk about the amazing relationship we have with these flesh-eating miniature bugs. Give this one a go and learn something while you start to feel a bit anxious about what is living on your body.

Carrie Poppy – Paranormal Experiences

Storyteller Carrie Poppy comes right out of the gate with this TED Talk called “A scientific approach to the paranormal” by saying that she was haunted by an evil spirit eight years ago. If you love a good ghost story then this is the talk for you. Poppy talks more about skepticism and how we should look at all things with a questioning and open mind. The practicality of all things spooky and unexplainable can’t take away the discomfort and anxiety you’ll feel from this talk.

Ed Yong – Zombie Roaches

Science journalist Ed Yong delivers this disturbing account of some insects and organisms that eat the brains of other organisms in typical zombie fashion. In this talk titled “Zombie roaches and other parasite tales” we learn about parasites that take control of other organisms forcing them to behave as they dictate! There really is a creepy and disgusting zombie world out there. Check out this talk that includes some laughter and some very uncomfortable realities in nature.

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