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New York City In All It’s Grandeur

Located in one of the world’s largest natural harbors, New York City stands out as one of our favorites for entertainment and events. Did you know that it is America’s largest metro and a cosmopolitan city which is home to almost 21 million people speaking 200 different languages? Not only has New York been a leader in cultural diversity, entertainment and trade but also has influenced millions of people with its grandiosity. Enjoy two outstanding TED Talks about New York City and all of its grandeur.

Barbara Corcoran: All in a New York Minute

Barbara Corcoran, a businesswoman and investor, gives a story of her journey when she first concluded school and fresh into New York City. In her brief talk, she shows how New York is the best place to start a business but only if some conditions are met. She says that you have to focus on capitalizing on investments and adapting to quick changes in the dynamic marketplace. She also adds that New York is very embracing to new people around, provided you are ready to embrace the inevitability of challenges and become an agent of change. Watch the full talk and learn tips on how to thrive in New York City.

Amanda Burden: How Public Spaces Make Cities Work

Amanda Burden, a Principal at Bloomberg Associates, answers the question of how over 8 million people are crowded in New York City, and how it’s still possible for the city to comfortably accommodate them. She changes the stereotype that people have about cities and shares that cities are all about the people, not the buildings. She adds that most of the transformative stages of a city like New York, take place where people meet. These are the public spaces in New York, where people have enjoyable talks and transformation takes place. Watch the full talk to understand how public spaces entirely drive the city and their overlooked benefits.




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