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San Diego’s Floating Venue: The USS Midway

Attending an event on the USS Midway is an experience of a lifetime. Innovative Entertainment has provided entertainment for hundreds of events on the USS Midway over the years. We’re thrilled to once again be returning to this unique and historic venue when we sponsor entertainment and IE’s Nicole Bernardi co-chairs producing The Special Event‘s Opening Night Celebration on January 8, 2019 in San Diego. Conference guests will travel from 1945 to the present onboard the docked ship for an experience of ‘History Revisited.’ We can’t wait to showcase the Red Hot Band, Club 90 and our USO performance group for an audience of event and meeting professionals from all over the world!

The USS Midway’s History

The USS Midway is a military aircraft carrier ship that has quite a storied and historical background. Recognized as the biggest military aircraft in the United States during World War II, it was active in combat from 1945 to 1992, making it the longest-serving military aircraft carrier ship of the 20th century. This means that the vessel served from the time of World War II right on through the Cold War and beyond. During the time the ship was active in the military over 200,000 airmen had served onboard the vessel at some point during their military careers.

What Is The USS Midway Today?

Today, the USS Midway has retired from military service and has been made into a museum and special events venue in downtown San Diego, California. It’s a popular attraction for many visitors to San Diego looking to learn about life aboard military aircraft carrier ships –including bringing to the forefront the lifestyle that the service members aboard such vessels live and the sacrifices they make to keep our country free as we are. The museum has welcomed over 1 million visitors aboard the vessel and continues to welcome visitors to this day.

What Is There To Do Aboard the USS Midway?

The USS Midway Museum allows visitors to purchase passes to come aboard the ship and view the different exhibits and galleries. Each individual part of the ship is its own exhibit or gallery and people can learn about how the sailors aboard the ship lived. From the guided tour visitors view over 60 different parts of the ship including the sleeping quarters, engine room, galley, bridge, brig, post office, and primary control rooms to name a few. Ships that are active in the military are essentially built the same way today except that their technology is upgraded from what it was back in the 1940s. These educational tours help teach visitors how sailors aboard our military aircraft ships live even up to this day.

Besides tours, there are other (related) activities that go on nearby the museum including allowing people to experience flight simulators, take guided tours of the local island, and even allowing people to experience overnight adventures related to the USS Midway that showcase how the sailors and airmen aboard the ship lived each day while they were on duty. Additionally, you can now host your special event on the USS Midway. With multiple decks available for activities, events are both interactive and entertaining…especially when Innovative Entertainment is involved with providing the entertainment!

Who Can Tour The USS Midway?

Pretty much anyone: including you! The ship does educational tours almost every day of the year with the exception of major holidays. They host field trips and other various educational groups and institutions of all ages aboard their vessel. These tours are tailored to the specific group visiting and the number of people in the group.

The USS Midway also runs a variety of educational programs including those for BSA and GSUSA groups. Educational programs and camps for children abound, especially when it comes to learning about aeronautics, flying, and the workings of training for and joining the military. There are also a variety of programs for teachers to provide them with the material they can use in their classrooms to teach about the USS Midway and other related operations that the US continues to do on a daily basis even today as they keep our country safe.

When special events and educational tours are not happening it’s open to the public. This means that everyone is welcome aboard for a tour whether it’s part of a family vacation, a sports team trip, an educational club from your local school, local community groups seeking to learn more, or even just a solo trip for someone who’s interested in military history.

Add A Venue Visit To Your Bucket List

There is so much to do aboard the USS Midway Museum, and something for every age. Whether attending a conference party (like the Opening Party at the upcoming The Special Event Conference) or simply attending a guided tour, it’s a venue that’s fun and exciting. ALL aboard the USS Midway!