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Five Community Projects to Engage Your Work Staff

There is almost nothing more amazing than working together with your work staff to help the community. It creates a sense of teamwork and provides assistance or encouragement for those who need. These five great ideas will help you get started as you and your employees seek to reach out.

1. Make care packages for veterans. Show your appreciation to our amazing veterans by organizing a care package session. Each employee can bring something to contribute, and together, you can create and deliver the packages.

2. Donate items to compassion organizations. This is a fun project that even helps de-clutter a little. Organizations such as Random Acts of Flowers will recycle items that you donate to make someone’s day brighter. Take this opportunity to offer hope to someone else.

3. Have an encouragement week. Put each of your employee’s names into a hat and have each employee choose a name. Throughout the week, the employees will specifically try to encourage and support the person whose name they drew through emails, small gifts, and/or verbal communication. This will build relationships within your work staff and inspire an ongoing atmosphere of teamwork.

4. Raise money for an organization that will use it well. One donation on its own may not seem like much. But when your entire work staff comes together, the result can mind blowing! We recommend organizations such as Event Pros Take Action and The SEARCH Foundation as recipients for your office’s donation. With organizations such as these, who use funds thoughtfully and responsibly, you never know far your gift may reach!

5. Make and deliver sandwiches for the homeless. This is another community-building activity that really makes a difference. Each employee can bring a different condiment to add to the sandwiches, and work together on creating and passing out the sandwiches.

For more information on community service projects, visit our website! We’ll never run out of good ideas!

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