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IE Entertainment and Highlights From The Special Event 2019, San Diego

The 2019 Special Event conference has wrapped. This year’s event was held in San Diego, Innovative Entertainment’s backyard. It was a whirlwind week of activities and event experiences – and the IE team is proud to have played a part in much of it! The Opening Night Event We were thrilled to have our own Nicole […]

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Five Community Projects to Engage Your Work Staff

There is almost nothing more amazing than working together with your work staff to help the community. It creates a sense of teamwork and provides assistance or encouragement for those who need. These five great ideas will help you get started as you and your employees seek to reach out. 1. Make care packages for […]

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Building Community: Choosing Group Activities That Give Back

As an employer, it can be difficult to help your employees work together. One amazing way to combat competition between coworkers and instead build a sense of unity and cooperation is engaging in group activities that reach out to the community. This type of activity will have enormous positive impact not only on your business but […]

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