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TED Talks Every Country Music Lover Should Watch

TED Talks have become increasingly popular in many circles, with business and technology being at the top of the list. However, if you look closely enough, there are TED Talks for topics that you might be most passionate about…like country music! Enjoy three TED Talks that we think will speak to every country music lover:

Country Artist, Cam on Music’s Power

Having been nominated for a Grammy and the platinum selling artist behind several hit singles like My Mistake, Burning House, and Runaway Train, Cam seems to know a few things about the country music genre. In 2017, this up and coming country artist gave a TED talk highlighting the significance and power of music. The eleven minute or so speech tells of music’s ability to be soothing to the soul and a tool for healing. As a bonus to the talk, she performs several songs live as well!

Bobby Bones TED Talk on Winning by Losing

For most country music radio enthusiasts, no other on-air personality is more well-known than Bobby Bones. Characterized by his comedy and quick wit, he is considered a legend for his knowledge and influence within the country music world. In 2017, he took the TED Talk stage in Nashville, and gave a compelling 15 minute speech about how failures and losses in life can be used as a valuable tool to springboard successes. Highlighting his own life as an example, as well as other well-known names like Elvis Presley, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs, he eloquently spoke of the value of resilience and learning from mistakes.

Lukas Nelson TED Talk on Songwriting & Storytelling

Many TED Talks are speech like in nature, but this unique TEDxBigSky performance incorporates an acoustic performance intermingled with down to earth advice & anecdotes. The author, Lukas Nelson, is no stranger to country music, as he is the son of legend Willie Nelson. His perspective on different musical genres, putting himself in others shoes, and his various muses for songwriting is sure to fascinate country music lovers.


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