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5 Benefits To Hosting Team Building Events

Regardless of how talented your company’s employees may be, the full advantage of their collective potential can only be realized when they work together as a team. That teamwork potential realized with team building events turns periodic successes into consistent quality and productivity. Here are five key benefits to your team when you book an […]

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The Dynamic Dance of Rasa Vitalia

 Loosely translated from the Sanskrit, “Rasa” means the essence of dance. Rasa Vitalia embodies that. Vitalia is a talented belly dancer whose performance would liven up any event or celebration. Belly Dance is an art form that is over 6,000 years old. The story of this dance form is old and has gone from […]

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What’s Hot in Streaming for 2020

Technology has forever reshaped the way we consume and distribute media. From streaming social events, business functions, sports matches, music, movies to video games, this technology has had a significant impact on our social and economic lives. The delivery of content over the internet has enabled us to get and interact with the content we […]

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Zzymzzy Quartet’s Simple Jazz Ambitions

 The history of Jazz music is as interesting as the sounds themselves. While the actual cradle of Jazz is often disputed, most references date back to the 1800s when different musicians started fusing West African musical traditions with European inspired harmonics. Back then, musicians had to settle for military band instruments dumped in pawnshops […]

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The Art of Getting Inside Your Audience’s Heads

Get inside the minds of your guests at your next event! How can you do this? Book a mentalist to perform – and watch your guests’ excitement and surprise come alive! Keep ‘Em Laughing We could not be happier to have in our roster of talent mentalist Eric Dittelman. With a background in improv and […]

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The Joy Of West African Folk Music

Nigeria is similar to the United States in that it is a melting pot of cultures. In the same way, Nigerian (West African Folk) music can be compared to “melting pot” music of the United States such as blues, jazz, and rock and roll. Innovative Entertainment works with several artists in this beautiful genre of […]

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Nova Era’s Music Merges The Past And The Present

 Many people think that classical music is boring or too high-brow to appeal to them. However, walking into a room and seeing Nova Era in full 18th-century French attire is enough to change anyone’s mind. Once the music begins you realize that classical music has been brought into the 21st century. Nova Era’s music […]

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Decades of Dueling Pianos for Event Entertainment

Finding unique and unusual entertainment for an event can be a daunting task. Whether it’s a black-tie corporate event or a themed party blow out, dueling pianos are adaptable to many different entertainment needs. A History of Dueling Pianos Dueling piano entertainment can be traced back to the early 1890s when ragtime players would “duel” […]

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A Speaker For A New Decade: Julian Guthrie and The Alpha Girls

 Peter Diamandis, the founder of the XPRIZE Foundation, says that “Men have had their shot, it’s the decade of women ahead.” He makes this remark in his introduction of his interview of Julian Guthrie – author of Alpha Girls: The Women Upstarts Who Took On Silicon Valley’s Male Culture and Made the Deals of […]

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Ashley Fox: From the Sidelines to the Headlines

 Ashley Fox can take you from being an armchair quarterback to the coach of your own life.  With over twenty years’ experience reporting in a largely male-dominated profession, sports journalist Ashley Fox has picked up some things along the way. Those things are what makes Fox an excellent keynote speaker. She has learned a […]

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