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TED Talk Thursday: Motivation to Be Selfless

Motivation is defined as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving a certain way. These reasons can be internal, external, or a combination of both. But what is it that drives people to be selfless? What reasons move them to do something that benefits someone else and not themselves? For decades researchers have worked to investigate this very question and find out how one can motivate people to do good for others.

People may find themselves in many different situations in which it would be helpful to motivate someone to do good. Knowing how to set the environment and provide reasons for them to do good deeds is a vital part of making it happen. Research scientist Erez Yoeli delivers a Ted Talk where he explains the key elements of motivating individuals to participate in good deeds and actions. Yoeli highlights key experiments that were used to test what motivated people to be selfless and what results they concluded.

By knowing the forces that drive individuals to be selfless, organizations and businesses can then help a multitude of people. In Yoeli’s Ted Talk he shares a simple checklist of small steps that can be taken to get people to do good deeds. He explains the power of making the tasks more observable, saying how it motivates the individual because people care about how they are perceived by others.

Additionally, Yoeli goes on to explain how crucial it is to eliminate all excuses so that people don’t have a way to mentally escape the task. He describes how you can yield higher results by communicating expectations to others. It can be very powerful to tell someone what is expected of them and make them aware that everyone else is also doing the same selfless act.

Watch Erez Yoeli in this informative Ted Talk, as he lists three things that can be done to motivate people to do good for others. Because in a world that is becoming more and more selfish, motivating people to be selfless is becoming a science!
 Learn what drives humans to do selfless acts.

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