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Where to Watch This Weekend’s InSight Mars Lander Launch

“Terraforming Mars is a primary goal for the twenty-second century.
But scientists are looking beyond Mars as well.”
Michio Kaku, IE Speaker, Physicist, Futurist, and Author of
The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth

This Saturday, May 5th, NASA will be launching the InSight Mars Lander. The lander will be taking interior pictures of Mars so that scientists can learn more about how this rocky planet formed. InSight will use a heat probe to check the temperatures of the planet under the rocky surface. It will also be equipped with a seismometer to measure the vibrations of ‘marsquakes’ and the impact of meteorite strikes to the planet’s surface. The InSight lander will have radio equipment on board that will emit signals back to scientists on Earth. Data from these radio signals will give scientists a new insight into what the core of the little red planet is comprised of.

InSight is scheduled to touch down on the surface of Mars on November 26, 2018, and stay there for one Martian year (which is roughly the equivalent of two Earth years). If you live or are visiting the western coast of the United States in southern California this Saturday, then you’ll most likely be able to view the exciting InSight launch.

InSight will be launched into space from the Vandenberg Airforce Base which is just under three hours from Los Angeles. The launch is not open to the public, however there are two NASA official sites where interested people can view the launch and talk to InSight team members. There are also a lot of informal watch sites along the coast – some as far north as Bakersfield and as a far south as Rosarito, Mexico.

NASA’s official viewing areas are:

Lompoc City Airport: 1801 North H Street
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church: 2800 Harris Grade Road
The tarmac for both locations will open to the public by 2:30 am PDT. Commentary about the launch will begin by 3:30. The launch is scheduled for 4:05 at the earliest.

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