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Happiness Personified In Keynote Speaker Nataly Kogan

If you’re looking for a great keynote speaker for your next event or conference event, then look no further than technology CEO and speaker Nataly Kogan. Innovative Entertainment is excited to have the renowned Nataly Kogan on our speakers’ roster and available for corporate and conference events.

Finding Happiness

Nataly Kogan is the CEO and Founder of Happier – an award-winning-global technology and learning platform. Happier is based on Nataly’s five core “Happier” skills. She believes that being happy is not just a feeling, but a skill that can be taught and improved upon through practice. Natalie is also a successful entrepreneur as well as a venture capitalist. While her career accomplishments made her proud, her company was created from her own personal journey to find true happiness. Learn more about Nataly Kogan here.

Why You Should Book Natalie

Nataly Kogan is a highly skilled professional, expert at showing how people and organizations can adapt and improve to develop a team culture where each individual will thrive. She has helped more than a million people, including employees, to improve their resilience as well as emotional health. Her happier model boosts creativity, productivity, and profits in the workplace. Learn more about Happier and the Happier Model here.

Keynote Topics That Engage Attendees

• Business
• Company Culture
• Work-Life Balance
• Women in Business
• Efficiency
• Creativity
• Motivational

A Speaker That Enhances Your Event Mission

Nataly has spoken at many distinguished conferences including but not limited to: SXSW, TEDx Boston and Gillette. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and more publications. Nataly’s message contains life-changing takeaways that transform the way people work and live.

We are proud to have Nataly Kogan available to book through Innovative Entertainment. Click here to connect with us for more information about booking Nataly for your next event – give your guests the gift of a one-of-a-kind exceptional presentation!



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