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What’s Hot in Streaming for 2020

Technology has forever reshaped the way we consume and distribute media. From streaming social events, business functions, sports matches, music, movies to video games, this technology has had a significant impact on our social and economic lives.

The delivery of content over the internet has enabled us to get and interact with the content we want, where and when we want it. However, streaming has not remained static, and new developments are emerging every day. Here’s what you need to know about the current state of streaming in 2020 and beyond:

Increased Mobile Focus

With a large chunk of people using mobile phones to watch videos, mobile streaming looks set to explode in popularity. In 2018 alone, non-gaming streaming apps made an aggregate of over $19 billion. Smartphones are enabling people to effortlessly follow their favorite shows and events on their devices instead of having to go home and watch TV. Networks, businesses, and advertisers are set to increase the number of mobile-optimized live streams in the future. Major streaming platforms like Twitch, Netflix, and YouTube Premium already have their own mobile apps and continuously strive towards creating the best mobile experience.

Streaming Video Games

We will soon witness the streaming of gameplay. Although we have been streaming online multiplayer games and live videos of gameplay, we are still lagging behind when it comes to streaming gameplay to any screen via the cloud. When this technology takes off, you won’t have to download games to play them. You’ll only need to get to a video game streaming site. Also, video game streaming is changing how we socialize. Strong online communities of like-minded individuals are actively being established across the globe.

Increased Use OF AI

Streamed media quality has improved tremendously in the last decade. However, compared to broadcast media, there is a large gap that needs to be closed. Experts suggest that artificial intelligence (AI) can help to boost the quality of streaming videos. AI will play a major role going forward in reducing video buffering, producing top-quality streaming experiences, and providing relevant video recommendations.

Streaming Technology Revolutionized

Streaming technology will continue to revolutionize how we entertain ourselves and do business.  Many amazing trends are set to emerge this year and for the years to come. If you are planning an event and find that need streaming solutions, talk to our team – we’re happy to help you find solutions!

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