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Zzymzzy Quartet’s Simple Jazz Ambitions

The history of Jazz music is as interesting as the sounds themselves. While the actual cradle of Jazz is often disputed, most references date back to the 1800s when different musicians started fusing West African musical traditions with European inspired harmonics.

Back then, musicians had to settle for military band instruments dumped in pawnshops after the end of the Civil War. The most notable contributors of Jazz music were WC Handy, Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton (who claimed to have invented what is now called Jazz in 1902).

This mellow, dramatic and ragged rhythmic music has come a long way. While the legends of Jazz like Buddy Bolden are long gone, today, we are still serenaded and swept off our feet by creatives who still carry the honorable torch of Jazz music like the Zzymzzy Quartet.

Who Are the Zzymzzy Quartet?

This inspiring group of four impressive talents comprises of guitar, clarinet, upright bass and vocals – all professionals driven to play dreamy and melodic sounds of Jazz.

The group borrows its name from the last word in the dictionary, which also inspires their tagline “The Last Word in Gypsy Swing.” Which also pays homage to the swing era evidenced by their guitar work and heavy use of French Gypsy Legend Django Reinhardt in their music.

Formed in 2004 in San Diego, the group has serenaded thousands of listeners with their artistic sounds and intelligence in dances, weddings, art openings, parties and festivals among other events. The group last released CD Petite Fleur features various other artists also based in San Diego.

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