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Decades of Dueling Pianos for Event Entertainment

Finding unique and unusual entertainment for an event can be a daunting task. Whether it’s a black-tie corporate event or a themed party blow out, dueling pianos are adaptable to many different entertainment needs.

A History of Dueling Pianos

Dueling piano entertainment can be traced back to the early 1890s when ragtime players would “duel” to see who could outplay the other. In 1933, the first dueling piano bar opened in New Orleans – you may recognize it still today – called Pat O’Brien’s Bar. The audience would request songs by writing them on napkins and passing them to the players who would then take turns performing the songs. Since then, dueling piano bars and dueling piano entertainment acts have popped up in every corner of the world. To date, there are more than 200 such bars open across the US alone.

The Entertainment Set Up

At a typical dueling piano show, the duo of musicians will take their places on stage. Depending on the venue, they will either have a show rehearsed for the night, or it may be more improvisational. For example, in a club setting, the musicians may perform the more traditional dueling pianos act by taking written requests from the audience for tips. However, if the event calls for a more structured performance, the musicians may have a pre-selected set of songs to perform and some comedy splashed in for good measure.

The Musicians

Dueling pianists must not only be proficient with their instrument, but they must also have the ability to entertain through acting, having comedic timing, and be masters of communication for engaging with their audiences. Combining all these skills into a fun and entertaining show is unique and well sought after for all types of corporate and conference events. Innovative Entertainment is fortunate to have some of the best dueling pianist talent on our talent roster and at our disposal.

At Innovative Entertainment, a dueling piano favorite for our clients is Piano Madness. Piano entertainment at its best – a perfect solution for unique event entertainment for any event a corporate client can dream up. We offer world-class entertainers and speakers for events all over the world. Want more information on bringing dueling pianists or some other unique act to your event? Click here to connect with us!


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