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Ashley Rhodes-Courter, An Undaunted Spirit

Not many survive the child foster system emotionally intact, let alone become best-selling authors by the age of twenty-two. However, Ashley Rhodes-Courter did. She has a story worth telling and one that will certainly grace your next conference or corporate event. Her story of perseverance inspires and motivates.

Rhodes-Courter’s first book, Three Little Words, begins with “I have had more than a dozen so-called mothers in my. life. Lorraine Rhodes gave birth to me. Gay Courter adopted me. Then there are the fillers. Some were kind, a few were quirky and one, Marjorie Moss, was as wicked as a fairy-tale witch.” What unfolds is the unique experience of a little girl with a will.

Her companion book, Three More Words, continues Rhodes-Courter’s story. It isn’t all happily ever after adoption. She takes us through her college years and beyond sharing intimate, relatable moments.

Instead of seeing herself as a victim, Rhodes-Courter has taken her experience growing up in the foster system and proclaims herself a dreamer, philanthropist, and child welfare advocate. After double majoring in Communications and Theater as well as double minoring in Political Science and Psychology, she earned a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California. From there she went on to found the not -for-profit organization, Foundation for Sustainable Families. Additionally, she is a wife and mother to two biological children, one adoptive child and foster mom to more than twenty other children.

When you book this speaker, expect to empower your conference attendees with Ashley Rhodes-Courter’s keynote speech that speaks to:

  • Key elements of resilience including accountability, identifying constructive influences as well as being accepting and giving help
  • Successful life strategies
  • Overcoming fears or failures
  • Turning setbacks into successes
  • Encouraging community engagement

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