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Motivation Expertise: Keynote Speaker, Doc Hendley

The Founder and Humanitarian

It’s a rare occasion to get a chance to listen to a CNN hero, especially, one who resonates well with the audience. Doc Hendley isn’t your archetype do-gooder though. This Wine to Water founder and humanitarian’s work has seen him traverse the third world with projects touching close to 300,000 people directly. If not sparking your altruistic instincts, he will inspire you with his entrepreneurship skills. The confessed C grade student oozes knowledge and wisdom from experience, and it shows in every speech that he gives.

His Experience and Inspiration

One aspect about Hendley is that he lived in Darfur for a year. It is against this backdrop of lack of access to water, witnessing state-sponsored genocide (almost being a victim) that makes him the ideal speaker. The practicality and experience resonate deep with audience; his speaking is a departure from the traditional speaker who often relies on secondary sources to inform their engagements.

The self-styled biker and wine enthusiast’s personality and charisma have a hand in many of his talks. If you are considering a natural but introspective speaker look no further. Having authored Wine to Water; A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World, Hendley offers solutions and first-hand accounts on helping the world. His story of risking his life (literally) against Janjaweed’s in Darfur speaks volumes about determination, passion, and risk to deliver clean water.

Henley’s speaking engagements worldwide are a testament to the general thirst for his talks. A Communications degree holder from North Carolina State, his is an excellent communicator. While his Wine to Water project is widely recognized, at times, his journey is often overlooked. Hendley will inspire you and your audiences by his transformation from a tattooed bartender to an NGO president touching lives the world over.

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