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David Romanelli: Bringing Old Wisdom to Modern Life

   In 1996, David Romanelli attended his first yoga class and within three years, not only was he teaching yoga, but he co-founded the first chain of boutique yoga studios that would become an integral part in the national yoga scene. Best-selling author, wellness innovator, entrepreneur and intergenerational pioneer, David has put a pop-culture […]

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Ashley Fox: From the Sidelines to the Headlines

 Ashley Fox can take you from being an armchair quarterback to the coach of your own life.  With over twenty years’ experience reporting in a largely male-dominated profession, sports journalist Ashley Fox has picked up some things along the way. Those things are what makes Fox an excellent keynote speaker. She has learned a […]

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Ashley Rhodes-Courter, An Undaunted Spirit

 Not many survive the child foster system emotionally intact, let alone become best-selling authors by the age of twenty-two. However, Ashley Rhodes-Courter did. She has a story worth telling and one that will certainly grace your next conference or corporate event. Her story of perseverance inspires and motivates. Rhodes-Courter’s first book, Three Little Words, […]

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