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Spend The Holidays With Innovative Entertainment At The Birch Aquarium

In many places around the world, the December holidays mean snow and bundling up. However, San Diego’s warm weather and sunny ecosystem mean that you’re not likely to build a snowman as the new year approaches. The Birch Aquarium is excited to celebrate the holidays in a very San Diego way – bringing in talented artists from Innovative Entertainment to perform! For December, the following artists will be performing from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the weekends:

Artist Line Up:

Joe Cardillo – 12/7

Bob Wade – 12/8

Lee Coulter – 12/14

Sam Hosking – 12/15

Celeste Barbier – 12/21

Joe Rathburn – 12/22

Lee Coulter – 12/28

Sophia Alone – 12/29

Visiting Birch Aquarium:

To visit the aquarium and hear some of these great performers, check out the Birch Aquarium online. Tickets are available through the website and from the ticket booth on site – and there are child and senior discounts. Additionally, if you’re looking to bring a group there’s a special page for that. Parking is free for visits up to three hours. If you’re looking for the perfect unique holiday activity, seeing some great artists (and some fascinating fish!) could be right up your alley.

Our musicians will kick off the cheer at 11am until 2pm every Saturday and Sunday. But make sure you stick around for all the Seas n’ Greetings offered at this world renowned aquarium – including crafts, activities and a special appearance from Scuba Santa. A great day out for all ages. After you’ve experience all the holiday fun, be sure to stop by the Aquarium’s Splash! Cafe and grab a bite to eat. The cafe offerings perfectly walk the line between sustainable and delicious, leaving you with food that tastes good and makes you feel good about its environmental impact.

Whether you’re stopping by just to see a specific exhibit or to spend the entire day, Birch Aquarium’s partnership with our musical talent will make your visit even better! All performing musicians are on the Innovative Entertainment talent roster. We represent some of the most varied and impressive event talent in entertainment today. Many of our artists and acts have graced the AGT main stage. Connect with us – we’re always looking to provide top entertainment for your events! 

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