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National Waitstaff Day

National Waitstaff Day is observed each year on May 21st. A day created to show appreciation to culinary servers, waiters and waitresses for making our dining experiences enjoyable ones. Whether it’s catering staff or restaurant staff, many go out of their way to ensure that we receive excellent service and have the most enjoyable time as possible. For that…we’re thankful!

We can’t help but appreciate this video that overflows with support for the waitstaff in our lives – a staffing sector that’s often under appreciated. This “So God Made A Waiter” poem (a take on Paul Harvey’s famous poem “So God made a Farmer”) by Michael Fagan has all the right words for expressing our appreciation!

IE Exclusive Artist: THE THREE WAITERS  
The world’s most successful singing waiters show, The Three Waiters has performed over 11,000 times throughout 85 countries. They are the original act of its kind in the USA. They’re a multi-award winning show that continues to surprise and captivate unsuspecting audiences across the globe as three charming performers pose as “real” waiters before taking center stage for a dynamic, sophisticated, and hilarious presentation a la The Three Tenors.

The Three Waiters act is an intricately designed hoax, wound tightly in a carefully scripted show. This act works for corporate functions, private events and weddings – the act is user-friendly and seamlessly coordinates with any size event that has waiters, chefs, ushers, or venue staff. From royalty to heads of state, celebrities to beautiful brides, The Three Waiters have been the pinnacle of entertainment to thousands of events around the world. Want to know more about bringing this innovative and engaging entertainment to your event? Click here to connect with our team!

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