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All The Chords Come Back To Guitarist Lee Coulter

Originally from Australia, the west coast has been privileged to hear the songs and duets of Lee Coulter including one of his top hits “We You Me” with Dixie Maxwell.  With a stunning voice and wonderful guitar acoustics to match his place as the “Singer-Songwriter Discovery of 2011” makes sense. An aspiring artist and full-time Dad, Lee Coulter has chosen to set an example for the music community. Music that sets your soul dancing and your feet tapping without thought makes for good times alone or in a group.

Even singer-songwriter Martin Sexton, for whom Lee has opened, stated that “The world needs more Lee Coulter songs.” Listening to his followers Lee Coulter has created hit albums like “EarthLee” and “Mr. Positivity.” He has also toured the U.S. opening for Chuck Berry, Tom Jones, and Griffin House. With a great outpouring of support, the duo has managed to take their act back to Australia to manufacture their albums.

Number 1 on iTunes

In July 2018 Lee Coulter secured the number one spot on iTunes in Australia and New Zealand with “We You Me.”  He has even overtaken artists such as Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons! Since his widespread success, many have begun seeing his single as a tribute to love and motherhood. His popularity continues today with over 30,000 views on Spotify.

The instant popularity of his song “We You Me” Lee Coulter tributes to his sister’s Instagram account. Posting for her anniversary with Lee’s song in the background instantly gave the viewers a feeling of love and happiness. Another post of his sister with her children dancing to the song gained popularity as many posted their own children dancing to the music.

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