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HypnoTWIST! Provides Mesmerizing Entertainment

Somewhere between performance, reality, and magic lies HypnoTWIST!, an engaging and wholly unique show!

Two parts stunning musical act and one part mind-boggling social experiment, HypnoTWIST!, an IE exclusive act, leaves audiences baffled, surprised and doubled over in amazement. Beginning with a musical solo, the show quickly dovetails into a display of hypnotic abilities as the show-runner calls in three volunteers from the audience. Unbeknownst to the crowd, two of the volunteers are equipped with incredible musical talents, including a beautiful, but undeniably comic operatic tenor and increasing in breadth to a full-blown pop medley including classics from artists Tom Jones, Elvis and more.

Audiences are stunned, baffled and bewildered as they’re subjected to a show that has more twists and turns than a classic Hollywood thriller. A musical show becomes a magic act, which then becomes a social experiment and culminates in a show-stopping musical finale right before their very eyes. It’s magnificent, thrilling, and hilarious. It’s ‘surprise entertainment’ at its best!

HypnoTWIST! is the perfect addition to corporate and conference events – having an edge and a deeply memorable quality that fosters excitement and fond remembrance. Where some audiences, on occasion, look back at a particularly memorable music show or comedy act, it will take months for anyone in attendance of this performance to forget the very moment they realized that they have been “had” at HypnoTWIST!

HypnoTWIST! is just one of many unique and fascinating shows that are available for booking on Innovative Entertainment’s artist roster. If you’re looking for unforgettable, versatile, and one-of-a-kind entertainment for your next event, we have you covered! With a wide array of different acts suitable for any crowd, there’s no reason not to book your next event with us. Click here to connect with our team for more information about HypnoTWIST! or any number of acts for your next event!