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The Three Waiters: An Operatic Surprise for Your Event Guests

Whether you’re planning a corporate party or an evening of fundraising, it’s unquestionable that you want it to be enjoyable and memorable for all attendees. In fact, you want to exceed expectations and surprise everyone with an amusing and unique experience. The Three Waiters can help you do just that! This IE exclusive and award-winning performance group puts on an unmatched show that keeps your guests engaged and leaves them with a fun story to tell well after the event has ended.

Who are The Three Waiters?

One of the best-kept secrets in event entertainment, The Three Waiters pull off an elaborate, hilarious hoax in which they disguise themselves as normal waiters (part of the event catering team) at the beginning of the event. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, they steal the microphone, revealing themselves to be masterful vocalists competing in an impassioned opera contest with each other. The show escalates into a full-blown, comedic performance that is sure to elicit lots of laughter and genuine delight from your guests.

Perfect for Corporate and Charity Events

Some may say if you’ve been to one corporate or charity event, then you’ve been to them all. However, The Three Waiters flips that theory on its head. They take a seemingly routine occasion and spice it up with an unpredictable and unforgettable surprise for all to enjoy. They turn a typical party into an enchanted evening of captivating vocal performance. For years later, people will recall the experience with fondness. If your venue or event has food or beverage staff, then The Three Waiters can go undercover to put on their one-of-a-kind hoax at your party!

The Three Waiters remind us all that things aren’t always as they appear: even an unassuming waiter can surprise you with outstanding talent, and even a corporate or charity event can be wildly entertaining! Click here to connect with our entertainment specialist for more information about this talented group making a surprise appearance at your next event.