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The Benefits of Surprise May Surprise You

We’ve all had the experience of slogging through a long corporate event or party only to realize that we’ve taken very little away from the experience. Maybe you can’t remember exactly what was said, or you’re having trouble recalling who the entertainment was because it just faded into the background. It makes sense for these memories to be hazy in our minds – there is no novelty, so our brains are sorting through the same old information they receive on a daily basis. For innovators, this is not the mindset you want at a company event!

Many businesses and event producers are now recognizing the benefits of introducing an element of surprise in the event’s entertainment – creating memorable experiences and stimulating engagement. At Innovative Entertainment we help clients bring these types of novel experiences to their events.

According to the TED Talk “The Power of Surprise” by Soren Kaplan, our brains respond strongly to surprise. We are driven to understand what surprised us or challenged our assumptions, so we end up paying close attention. We also become more creative when we are exposed to surprise, because we’re forced into a new situation. Kaplan argues that the uncertainty of surprise puts us in a place where we are more receptive to new ideas and helps us push boundaries. This is the mindset that will stimulate creativity and make your next event truly memorable.

At Innovative Entertainment our exclusive roster of talent includes a special show,  The Three Waiters that seamlessly works an exciting twist and surprise into every event. The incredibly talented cast blends into the event initially as working waiters, until the memorable reveal, at which point everyone is in on the fun. It’s always a huge hit, but the benefits actually go beyond entertainment. The element of surprise leaves everyone in a more receptive and engaged mindset, and the impression stays in everyone’s minds for a long time.

For innovators looking to break out of the old corporate mold or party planners looking to delight with a memorable experience, this is the opportunity for you! Click here and connect with our expert entertainment team to learn more about The Three Waiters. 

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