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Club 90 Band Brings Energy to End of Year Events

Your company’s end of year celebration is coming together nicely. You have the venue, the guest list, and the business side of things figured out. All that is left is the entertainment. If you wanting to welcome your guests with all the energy possible, Club 90 is your dance band!

We’re proud to include Club 90 in our roster of exclusive acts and entertainers. Their over the top talent, fresh playlists, and incredible stage presence bring excitement and engagement to every event they play. They’re one of the leading, most premier bands from the Bay Area – performing at corporate parties, festivals, private events, and more.

Innovative clients who have booked Club 90 consistently rave about their dance moves, energy, costumes, and all around talent. Consisting of 3 singers, a keyboardist, an electric bassist, drummer, and guitarist, they perform to inspire and entertain. Additionally, their costumes are super fun – inspired by looks that mix urban, retro and street.

Performing songs from the 1960’s all the way to today’s hits they captivate audiences with hits from Nirvana, to the Temptations, to the Black Eyed Peas! You’ll see guests up on their feet and enjoying themselves – loving hearing songs from their younger days, to songs of today. Club 90 makes company celebrations ones that aren’t soon forgotten.

Innovative Entertainment has an extended list of talent and entertainers for every types of occasion imaginable. Over the years, we’ve provided some of the best entertainment for intimate gatherings to stadium sized events. If you are looking for entertaining acts to inspirational speakers, we have a roster that you should consider. Click here to connect and let us start working on the perfect entertainment match to close your 2019 event with success!

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