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Three Of The Best: Book A Dance Band For Your Holiday Party

If you’re thinking of booking live entertainment for your end-of-year holiday parties, then NOW is the perfect time to do it. What’s the rush, you wonder? Trust us, if you want a successful event, and a variety of choice artists to pick from, then you can never start too early.

The holidays are a busy time for bands and the best ones are booked months in advance. Most people will be looking for places to go to liven up the season, and many venues will book several bands for consecutive days during the Christmas to New Year’s window. Bands will also be locked in to play for private parties planned by corporations, non-profits, individuals, schools, etc. If you’re late to the scramble, you’ll be left with fewer choices!

With so much talent out there, we’re putting the spotlight on three dance bands we promise you’ll want to book for your party:

Pop Vinyl Band

Pop Vinyl Band has over 20 years’ experience in providing high-energy, entertaining live music performances that engage any crowd. With non-stop songs, they provide a seamless experience, as long-playing members jazz up your event with a DJ, horns, strings, percussions, and back-up vocalists. Their versatile playlist ranges from up-beat songs to soft and slow numbers, depending on whatever best suits your needs.

The LA All Stars Band

The LA All Stars Band are doyens at performing for major corporations both home and abroad. Delivering in any configuration—from a duo to a 15+ piece band — they cover a multitude of styles and perform original, fresh musical routines. Their dynamic show will have guests on their feet, dancing and singing along to favorite songs from various genres. A dedicated and detail-oriented band, their professionalism is guaranteed on and off-stage.

Red Hot Band

Red Hot Band always brings the right kind of music fever to your party, with around-the-clock energy, interactive performances and incredible versatility. One of the nation’s hottest live bands, they offer a customizable package that fulfills a variety of preferences. From a down-tempo atmosphere to a smoking-hot dance party, they are ready to create an unforgettable event for you.

Booking the right dance band can help your holiday party guests shake off their self-consciousness and join in the fun. Plan now to make your party memorable by booking an Innovative Entertainment dance band for your company event!

With an exclusive roster hosting a variety of talents ranging from high energy dance bands to eclectic music groups and unique stage productions, we’re always ready to deliver one-of-a-kind entertainment for our clients’ holiday parties and events. Click here and connect with our entertainment team today.



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