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Pop Vinyl hits dance floors with a high-energy, make-you-sweat performance, engaging the crowd with nonstop entertainment all night long. Without a single break between songs, the party never stops rocking, and bridges the gap between bands and DJs. Pop Vinyl plays with the same core members, which creates a fluid and seamless musical experience. Our dedication to knowing the material as a unit is unparalleled and we place the utmost importance on vocals with topnotch talents Tiki Lewis, Aaron Ehrlichmann, Dave Schulz, Greg Jarrett, and rapper extraordinaire, Brian “Big Fresh” Hogan.

Pop Vinyl specializes in weddings and corporate events and offers a number of different ensembles to best suit your needs. Whether it’s horns, strings, percussion, back-up vocalists, DJ, or all of the above, Pop Vinyl has you covered for all your live entertainment needs. Our members have over 20 years experience rocking parties and never fail to make your event all it can be. From Aretha to Beyonce, from Michael to Justin, Donna Summer to Madonna, Prince to Maroon 5, Cyndi Lauper to Katy Perry, Beegee’s to Black Eyed Peas, Marvin to Pharrell, Run DMC to LMFAO, the list goes on and on… and on. Our playlist spans 5 decades of up-beat, club-hoppin’ hits. For your formal engagements, Pop Vinyl croonsFrank Sinatra, Etta James, Elvis, Nat King Cole, The Temptations, Michael Buble, Sade, Otis Redding, and many more. When Pop Vinyl is at your event, no one is left out!

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