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How to Win The Voice? Just Ask Brynn Cartelli and Kelly Clarkson!

With the voice of an angel and not much older than 15 years of age, Brynn Cartelli has captured the hearts of America along with being the youngest winner of The Voice. Truly, one can easily forget she isn’t old enough to legally drive when listening to her vocal power. This time, America nailed it! Our little Brynn, from Longmeadow, Massachusetts, has arrived in the music industry.

When asked how long she had been singing, Brynn’s response was sweet, “Since I was in the crib.” Some people are lucky to have God-given talent and to recognize it. Brynn went on to tell how her recognition of music and love for it came at age 4, when her mother let her listen to a song performed by Kelly Clarkson. From that day on she knew she wanted to pursue music. She learned to play piano and guitar, and sang anytime she could find a small audience willing to listen to her.

Enter Kelly Clarkson in 3D. Her first year to serve as a coach for The Voice, Kelly’s first time to turn her chair around was for a young lady named Brynn Cartelli. Watch her complete and utter shock when Brynn said she was 14 years old. How humbling could it be to hear this young woman say her own music was what inspired a 4-year-old to be a singer? Those who believe in destiny will believe this duo was meant to be.

Now it’s final. Brynn Cartelli has won The Voice 2018; Kelly Clarkson has won her first competition as a coach; and Kelly says she will be checking on Brynn until she reaches age 30! Their future of working together, or at minimum staying in touch, has been cemented.

So, what’s next for Ms. Cartelli? Once reality sets in, Brynn is anxious to get some music cranked out. She doesn’t want to be forgotten before the next season of The Voice begins this fall. She is very excited to record her own materials – and to finish high school. (Wow! We’d already forgotten she hasn’t graduated yet!) We will definitely be keeping our ears open to follow and support her new career.

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