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Two Favorite Napa Venues, Perfect For Events With Entertainment

Events are meant to be memorable and the holder of most of life’s best moments. As an event planner or an event organizer, you want to provide your guests with a beautiful event environment and great entertainment. Well, the good news is that such host venues and entertainment partners still exist to help bring your dream to life. Two of our favorite Napa winery venues are Round Pond and Del Dotto – great destinations for creating mind-blowing entertainment moments!


Round Pond is a renowned winery at the heart of Napa Valley. It is well known for its highly rated, classic, handcrafted wines, artisan foods, and memorable experiences. It’s situated in the Rutherford region, which is recognized as the world’s most crucial viticulture regions. Round Pond is host to many of the best events in this region. For more information on this wonderful winery visit them online at


Del Dotto Vineyards, on the other hand, is also a world class winery region in Napa Valley, producing some of the world’s best wines. Inspired by the founders, Dave’s family, Del Dotto seeks to quench each and every one of its guest’s thirst for a beautiful winery environment. From its beautiful vineyards to the artistic foods, décor and architectural design, Del Dotto is a must-see for visiting and a must-attend venue for events. For more information on this wonderful winery visit them online at

Innovative entertainment provides some of the best in performers, artists, bands, and stage productions for winery events and events in the Napa Valley region. If you’re planning an event with entertainment in Napa connect and let Innovative Entertainment help you plan your event successfully! 


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