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A Winery Event to Remember

Imagine this: It’s your wedding day. You feel like royalty from head to toe. You have been planning the night of your dreams for months or maybe even years. It is the day you will cherish and share with family and friends. You walk down vineyards with a photographer racing after you to catch the most gorgeous shot of you – a photo that will stay in your home and heart, forever. You dance the night away as newlyweds to The Dick Bright Orchestra. It is a night to remember.

Skip ahead a couple years to a work conference that your boss has asked you to organize. Simple, engaging, and surrounded by amazing staff, the conference is a hit and everyone is in awe of your organization and tasteful planning. Not to mention everyone’s utter surprise and delight when The Three Waiters performed spectacularly on the last night of this company gathering. What a hoot!

Then, using this new-found confidence you have for planning events, you decide to plan your dad’s 60th birthday. Singing “happy birthday” lead by the wonderful violinist, Shaina Evonuik, the celebration begins! Bidding the day farewell with a gorgeous sunset meal, overlooking the vineyards, and enough wine and good company to make the night go down in history as the most elegant birthday party that anyone has ever attended. You are sure on a roll!

You wake up the next week. Was it all a dream?

It’s not a dream. Innovative Entertainment has all this available for you, your event guests and more. We’re experts at entertainment for events – especially when the event is being hosted at a winery. Our team of entertainment experts are dedicated to creating unique and engaging experiences for every client. Whether it’s a wedding reception, conference or corporate event, “the INN Crowd” is there to help create moments that will be remembered – connect and let’s start planning to make your next memories!

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