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What Is A Keynote Speaker And How Do I Choose One?

It’s true that the keynote speaker can make or break your event. Attendees will remember the impression the speaker made – they may post about it on their various social media. They may even decide whether or not to attend your event based on the speaker. You will need to choose carefully, so start by considering these questions.

Who is the Audience?

You need to choose a speaker that will resonate with your attendees. Think about who is coming. Consider the ages, profession, interests, and goals of the audience. Why are they coming? What do they hope to get out of the occasion?

What is the Theme of the Event?

You need to choose a speaker that is appropriate to the reason everyone is gathering. Do you need an industry expert with a very specific area of expertise, or do you choose a generalist who can speak about subjects of wide interest? If the meeting is about honing business acumen, you probably don’t want to hire a generalist comedian. Choose a speaker that will be able to add value to the event.

What is the Budget?

This is an important question. You can’t start inquiring about speaker availability until you know which speakers are within reach of your budget. Can you afford a celebrity speaker, or do you go with a more modest choice?

Turn to an expert speakers bureau (like Innovative Entertainment) as a resource to learn speaker fees for several speaker options. Remember to ask what is included in the fees. Does the named fee include travel and accommodation expenses and any assistants or equipment the speaker will need? Or are those things extra expenses you need to cover on top of the speaker fee?

Does the Speaker Have a Good Reputation?

You need to do some checking to see what the speaker’s reputation is. Remember that big fees don’t necessarily mean the speaker is valuable. Does he or she have experience in the area about which they are speaking? Are they interesting and engaging to listen to? Check testimonials and reviews. Watch video clips online, or drop in at another speech they are delivering.

Are they easy to work with, or do they have a diva attitude that will be more trouble than they’re worth? Get advice from your speakers agency or event references. Be sure to check that they don’t have a major scandal in their background that will have a negative effect on your gathering.

What is the Setting?

Consider the physical setting as well as the type of occasion. How big is the room? How many people are expected? Will the audience be eating dinner while the speaker is talking, or sitting in a theater-type room? Is the speaker going to be sitting on the stage the whole time, or will be there a reception at which they need to be available? If they have a book or recording they want to sell, is that okay, and is there a space available for that?

What is the Date?

If your organization has their minds set on a particular speaker, you may need to choose a different date or pay extra for scheduling difficulties. If the date is set in stone, you are choosing according to who is available on your date and may not get the exact speaker you want.

If you don’t know where to start organizing your speaker or event, Innovative Entertainment can help. The team that makes up our speakers bureau have years of experience and connections around the world to help you find the perfect speaker for your event!