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Live Event Trends- 5 Must Haves For A French Inspired Event

Whether you are celebrating French Independence Day on July 14th or just want to experience ‘la joie de vivre,’ a French inspired event is a classic theme allowing hosts a lot of liberty when choosing a location, menu, and performers. Innovative Entertainment wants to make sure that your French style party is as authentic as possible with a list of 5 must haves for a French inspired event.

1. Have plenty of quality wine. France is known for its fine wine and you would not have the perfect French themed event without an amazing wine selection. You will need wine for the beginning of the party, a red or white wine that pairs perfectly with the meal, and a sweet wine for dessert. If you do not want to make a fuss with imported wine from France, you are in luck because California produces the best wine in the United States of America. It does not matter if you choose Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon, just be sure to have plenty of wine for sharing and pairing.

2. Is wine not enough? You can also have a variety of French inspired cocktails. If your event is outside on a beautiful day, let your guests imagine they are sitting by the Mediterranean with a glass of Pastis. If you desire a sophisticated drink with an orange twist, try one of the many recipes recommended for Cointreau. Finally, if you wish to serve your guests a digestif, nothing is classier or more French than presenting a bottle of Cognac after an indulgent meal.  

3. You cannot serve drinks without food. Luckily, the French are known for their incredible cuisine. Whether it be appetizers, the main course, or dessert there are billions of French recipes that make any party perfect. Some would argue the most important aspect of a French party and the most enjoyable is the cuisine. With a French themed menu, your party is guaranteed to have the world’s best hors d’oeuvres.   

4. Are you looking for music for your event? Innovative Entertainment can help you find a French or French style artists that would be perfect for your party. For example, Nova Era brings a modern twist to classical music so you can imagine you are in 18th century Paris while entertaining for a modern crowd. Do not forget that DJ’s are enormously popular in France. In fact, many of the world’s most popular and successful DJ’s come from France.

5. Do you want more than just music? Give your party a 1920’s Paris vibe by hiring one of the many performers or dancers working with Innovative Entertainment. Who doesn’t love a French mime in traditional black and white stripes?

Are you ready to plan the soirée of the century? Innovative Entertainment is ready to help you. Reach out to us today so we can help you be the event host that everyone envies. Whether it be in creating a night of French elegance, a wedding, or corporate event, we are eager to help you add entertainment to your next event.

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